Two Worlds Become One

Special international collaboration around the Future Green City World Congress

By: Michiel G.J. Smit, Stadswerk Magazine 

In a recent interview in Stadswerk Magazine, an enlightening conversation unfolds with two pivotal figures in urban development: Luis Romanh, CEO of World Urban Parks (WUP), and Sanne Hieltjes, President of the International Federation of Municipal Engineering (IFME). They share their contributions and expectations for the Future Green City World Congress 2024.

Luis Romanh eloquently articulates the mission of WUP, emphasizing the necessity for sustainable, livable cities. He highlights four critical themes: Equality, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Biodiversity in urban parks. These elements are fundamental in creating spaces that are not only environmentally responsible but also socially inclusive and accessible to all. 

Sanne Hieltjes from IFME brings a technical perspective, focusing on international knowledge exchange in public space engineering, the role of infrastructure in addressing global inequalities, and the impact of climate change. This approach underscores the technical intricacies in crafting future cities that are green but also resilient and equitable.

The collaboration between WUP and IFME, as discussed in this insightful interview, reveals a powerful synergy. Their joint efforts aim to foster interdisciplinary cooperation, bringing together diverse expertise to tackle the complex challenges of sustainability, smart cities, climate change, and inclusivity. 

This collaboration presents a unique opportunity as we approach the Future Green City World Congress in 2024. It is not just about building greener spaces but reimagining our urban landscapes to be more inclusive, accessible, and biodiverse. 

Discover everything discussed in the interview by downloading the complete article here.

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