Looking Ahead to a World Event

Author: Michiel G.J. Smit, Stadswerk Magazine

In recent years, there’s been a dramatic change in thinking about the place and role of green space in our cities and towns. From ‘something that costs money’ to ‘something that brings many benefits’. From ‘something you just cram in at the last minute’ to ‘something that plays a central role in almost all decisions on public space’. 

The Future Green City World Congress, set for 23 to 26 September 2024 in Utrecht, represents a monumental leap in this journey.

As the chairman of Stadswerk, Gerdo van Grootheest, emphasizes, the congress is not just another event; it’s a global confluence, aiming to host 3,000 participants from around the world. This congress is a significant step in showcasing innovations and fostering a dialogue on the future of green urban spaces. It’s an opportunity to learn, inspire, and contribute to an integrated approach to urban challenges like climate adaptation, energy transition, and the efficient use of public space. 

Highlighting the unique aspects of the congress, Van Grootheest notes, “We are preparing several special working and presentation formats.” These innovative formats, including the Workshop XL, plays, films, debates, and serious games, are designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for participants.

Moreover, the congress is more than a fleeting event; it’s a catalyst for ongoing engagement and knowledge sharing within the Stadswerk community and beyond. Van Grootheest articulates the hope that the congress will ignite a sustained energy, facilitating a rich exchange of knowledge and contacts that benefit the professional community for years to come. 

Discover more about Gerdo van Grootheest’s vision for this transformative event and what to expect at the Future Green City World Congress 2024 by clicking here.

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