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Podparks aims to bring parks to life. A podcast for parks professionals, parks enthusiasts, travelers, historians, conservationists, and anybody with an interest in learning about the green spaces they occupy and enjoy.

This educational podcast will combine interviews and narrative-driven episodes to create compelling stories about parks, the people who create them and their role in the past, present and future of our communities.

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Our podcasts are divided into three types:


Thematic episodes that combine different  testimonies or insights from parks professionals on a certain topic.


Dedicated to an interview with a Park Professional.


Snippets or full presentations that have been delivered in WUP Congresses.

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A park through the ages-world-urban-parks-podcast
A park through the ages

Although they feel like they have been here forever, public parks are a rather modern invention. In this episode, Alice Landin takes us through the early history of parks and the struggles of control and power that have come with them.

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