Column on the Road to Future Green City

Author: John Boon, Arcadis 

Throughout this interesting article, the author discusses the concept of integrating roof and facade greenery into urban architecture, specifically in the context of the Vertical Forest Wonderwoods project. This project, a collaboration between architectural firms Boeri, MVSA, and others, aims to create sustainable, green buildings in urban areas. 

As mentioned in this article by John Boon, “When we were asked, along with architectural firms Boeri and MVSA, to design the Vertical Forest Wonderwoods, we were naturally honoured and proud. At the same time, it led to discussion. Was this something for the happy few? Was this really where we needed to go: building everything over topped with a green sauce? Was this really sustainable? In other words: does the Future Green City consist of roof and facade greenery? Our answer was a resounding ‘yes’. With a subtle distinction: the Future Green City also consists of roof and facade greenery.” 

As we move towards the Future Green City World Congress in the Netherlands in 2024, this article is more than just a read; it’s a roadmap to the future of urban living. Whether you’re an architect, city planner, environmental enthusiast, or simply someone who dreams of a greener future, John Boon’s insights in Stadswerk 29 are a beacon of inspiration and guidance. 

We encourage you to download the complete article by clicking here. Let’s envision and build our Future Green Cities together!

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