The Symbiotic City

On this occasion, we’re inviting you to read the article “The symbiotic city” written by Marian Stuiver and posted on The IFME “International Federation of Municipal Engineering” Which provides interesting facts and thoughts about the benefit of merging nature with our way of living. 

The consequences of our devastating impact on biodiversity and climate are all around us. We need a positive vision of the future. Beyond the many doomsday scenarios of disappearing species, flooded coastal areas, and excessive heat stress in summer. The solution to these problems lies in the Symbiotic City. Nature should return to the city and be part of it as a matter of course.


Living in a symbiotic city is nothing like living in cities as we know them in 2022.

Now cities are areas where the ground is densely paved, where buildings of glass and concrete retain heat, where the ground is invisible and used for cables and pipes. We can also live in a city where birds, insects, mammals, and plants partner the people who live there. There is actual nature that attracts insects, birds, and mammals. At the same time, greenery makes people feel better and healthier in that city.

It is important for humans to start realizing that nature does not serve humans and human needs. We need to start thinking and acting from what nature needs and not from what man needs. A reversal, therefore, in our thinking and actions.

The symbiotic city follows basic principles in order to achieve its goals. 

  • Ecocentrism
  • Symbiosis
  • Equity
  • Values

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