Congress –  Sustainable Places: People and Habitats

WUP intends to gather and train professionals, public officials, housing developers, decision makers, industry suppliers, students and non-governmental organizations in one place, space that allows you to create collaborative networks with industry leaders around the world: The World Urban Parks Congress. 

Every year WUP organizes a congress where more than 2,500 people who are part of the parks, recreation and public space industry meet. Each edition is in a different region of the world, last year it was held in Monterrey, Mexico. 

The next edition will be from October 22-26, 2023 the host city will be Adelaide, Australia, a Joint event with Parks & Leisure Australia and supported by Green Adelaide. 

Watch the video of this amazing event:

You have until May 3rd, 2023 to submit a proposal!

We want you to be part of this event! check out the call for abstracts that includes proposals for presentations (short or long), workshops or panel discussions in any of the 8 ‘Streams’ listed below where some context is provided. 

Any workshop or panel proposals should relate to utilization of the ‘collective wisdom’ of participants to advance or ‘test’ an initiative in pursuit of improving practice and/or knowledge.

This year’s tracks are:

It is important that built infrastructure is flexible, safe, sustainable, low maintenance and has multipurpose capabilities as well as being economic in running costs and energy consumption.

How are we ensuring that our outdoor spaces are liveable and sustainable for people, plants and animals? 

Whether indoor or outdoor, sport and other physical activities take a central place in the culture of our communities. How, in program design, are we dealing with these challenges in facilitating flexible and well-used opportunities, responsive to community needs. 

How are we creating opportunities to be truly inclusive, equitable and welcoming to meet diverse needs now and into the future? 

How are we harnessing the economy of our cities to value parks and public spaces?

Growing cities and populations demand innovation in the way we use traditional open spaces but also spaces which can be re-imagined. How are we using automation, sensors, GIS, online tools, and smart technology?

The health and wellbeing benefits of parks and open space may well be some of the most efficient and effective health outcomes obtainable. Playspaces especially have a crucial role in developing the physical, intellectual and social capacities of our children and adults as well.

As leaders we aim to bring the best out in our people and empower and support them but what does this look like now, particularly with many workplaces now operating in hybrid models.

To read the full call for abstracts:

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