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February Webinar

February 22nd, 2024.

13:00 – 14:00 CET 

Maxime Guérin

A selection of findings from the French national organization for parks and greenspace studies.

The World Urban Parks Europe Region members are joined by Maxime Guérin from Plante & Cité – the world’s only national research thinktank, established to focus exclusively on parks and greenspace related issues. We will hear from Maxime on challenges such as: Pesticide-free towns; Integrating greening into dense urban environments; and combating the desertification of soils.

Webinar objectives

Maxime Guérin

Project officer at Plante & Cité 
Graduated as a horticulture engineer from the national institute of horticulture (Angers) in 2008. 

Working since 2010 as a research engineer and then as a project manager in Plante & Cité. My field of work is the integrated pest and weed management.

Twitter: @planteetcite
LinkedIn: Plante & Cité

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