National Urban Parks with Julia Bresee

National Urban Parks with Julia Bresee Amazing

This week on Podparks, Alice is joined by Julia Bresee,manager of the new National Urban Parks program at Parks Canada. 


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National Urban Parks are a new designation, new program and new policy that Parks Canada is creating in collaboration with multiple partnerships with the aim to expand urban parks to conserve nature, connect people with nature, and advance reconciliation with Indigenous people.

Throughout the conversation, Alice and Julia discuss what it means to create a new spatial designation, and how Parks Canada is collaborating with local municipalities, advocacy groups, and indigenous communities in this quest.

As Julia mentions, National Urban Parks aim to contribute to Canada’s ambitious conservation plans and advance climate action in the region, all the while creating safe urban environments for people to connect with nature and learn about indigenous stewardships. 

As a new program and national policy, National Urban Parks will be in the spotlight of the parks world for the next years to come. Alice and Julia discuss the program’s first steps and what people can expect in the near future. Find Julia’s work in the National Urban Parks program here.

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