What makes a walkable city

What makes a walkable city

What makes a walkable city

As mentioned in the article written by M. Martínez Euklidiadas:

If, during the 20th century, the aim in cities was to make space for private vehicles, one of the challenges of the 21st century is to correct that self-destructive trend. The proximity city, also known as a walkable city, emerged as an essential town-planning tool to improve residents’ quality of life and reduce their impact.

The concept of walkable indicates that it is possible to meet the requirements of sustainable, fairer, healthier, and quality living within a reasonable distance.

Throughout this article, you will be able to understand the following: 

  • The characteristics of a walkable city such as: 
    • Decentralization
    • Urban density
    • Low speed
  • The challenges of the 15-minute city, for example: 
    • Gentrification
    • Border effect
    • And social barriers.

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