The journey to a world class parks system for Auckland Council and City of Melbourne

June Webinar

Wednesday 26th June, 2024.

12-1pm AEST (2-3pm NZ time)

Martin van Jaarsveld and Fiona Finlayson

Parks Systems

Both Auckland Council and City of Melbourne are recent winners of the World Urban Parks Legacy Organisation Award.

This webinar will provide insights into how these organisations have developed world class parks systems, and how they are embracing the challenges of meeting community needs, urban growth, climate change, and working collaboratively with traditional owners.

Both organisations continue to provide industry contribution and leadership, and this webinar will profile insights into some of their “secrets of success.”

Martin van Jaarsveld

Martin van Jaarsveld

Martin is the Head of Specialist Operations within the Parks and Community Facilities Department at Auckland Council.

The unit he leads contains a diverse collection of teams all working towards the same goal of a high-quality parks network which meets the needs of its communities and delivers for the environment.

Some of the services and programmes Martin leads and oversees include operational planning and advice, park volunteer programmes, parks bookings and venues for hire, and Auckland’s green portfolio through the running of the arboriculture and ecological contracts.

Martin and his team are currently playing a leading role in planning for coastal and beach related recreational outcomes in light of increased coastal erosion and potential impact of climate change.

Martin has been involved in the parks industry for over 20 years, using his passion for urban planning and place-making to deliver outcomes that cater for the needs of all park users. His background in planning and asset management has enabled him to take a strategic, but pragmatic approach in the delivery of park outcomes.

Martin is a member of World Urban Parks and Recreation Aotearoa. He is an Accredited Recreation Professional (ARPro).

Fiona Finlayson

Fiona Finlayson

Fiona is an experienced open space planner and landscape architect with 15 years’ experience in local government.

She is the Manager Open Space Planning and Green Infrastructure at the City of Melbourne, where she oversees a multidisciplinary team responsible for developing and implementing strategies, policies and plans, delivering laneway greening programs, complex streetscape greening projects and facilitating green walls, roofs and facades delivery as well as Environmentally Sustainable Design performance on private developments.

Fiona is passionate about ensuring people have access to the green space they need to support their health, happiness and connection to community.