Park Foundation School

Park Foundation School

The Park Foundation School is a unique professional management school geared toward improving attendees’ understanding of how to start, build, and strengthen park foundations, friend groups, and other nonprofit organizations that support parks and recreation agencies while enhancing their professional networks.

Park Foundation School gives park and recreation professionals the tools and resources needed to build community support and financial resources to enhance their parks and recreation services. Whether you represent a park and recreation agency or a supporting nonprofit organization, this school will give you the knowledge, skills, and resources to START, BUILD and GROW your park foundation or conservancy.

The Park Foundation School helps:

  • Parks and recreation professionals understand the role of nonprofit organizations.
  • Support Parks and recreation professionals understand their role in starting, building, and growing their park foundations to maximize donor contributions supporting parks and recreation systems.

The learning outcome it’s divided into first and second-year programs. which includes topics such as:

  • Build a Successful Park Foundation – The Why & How
  • Park Foundation Technology – What Do We Need?
  • Taking Your Park Foundation to the Next Level
  • How Strong is Your Park Agency/Foundation Partnership

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