Compassion made possible: Anupam Yog

How can we transform cities to become more human, more compassionate? In today’s episode of Podparks, we’re joining a conversation on urban transformation through culture, by revisiting a keynote speech from the World Urban Park Congress 2022 by Anupam Yog, founder of The Big Sit. 


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Anupam recalls how his work as a cities advisor has allowed him to scope trends in city planning that aren’t necessarily aligned to connecting people with each other, with other members of their community, and with nature.

As a result, he has dedicated much of his career to analyzing and transforming cities to become more mindful. He seeks to develop a “Conscious Cities Index”, which measures the correlation between community well being, individual mental health and a city’s urban design.

As part of this effort, Anupam founded The Big Sit, a slow growing social meditation movement begun in Singapore, with a vision to create more conscious and connected cities through the practice of mindfulness.

The Big Sit aims to activate people’s innate capacity for stillness and calm in the midst of urban chaos, inspire people to make use of public and social spaces to practice mindfulness, and support them in the development of crucial life skills for personal and professional advancement.

Throughout the keynote speech, we get to hear from participants and organizers of The Big Sit, and learn how social movements centered in compassion and stillness within chaos can create more connected communities.

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