Board Vacancies & Nominations – 2024

The World Urban Parks Annual General Meeting will be taking place this coming September 2024. Several open positions are available to the Board of Directors for a term. 

The Board of Directors is seeking nominations for 11 vacant positions. The nomination period will open on June 22nd and close on July 22nd, 2024. All nominations must be submitted by the closing date. 

As a member of the World Urban Parks Board, you will serve as an ambassador and advocate for the organization. By attending events, participating in meetings, and supporting various initiatives, you will contribute to the global improvement of urban parks.

We invite you to learn more about the board and its functions in the constitution here.

Discover the organization’s governance here.

Currently, World Urban Parks Board of Directors is seeking nominations for eleven open positions, which include: 

  • Young Leader  (1 position) 
  • Business/ Philanthropic  (3 positions) 
  • Universities/ Research Institutes  (1 position) 
  • National Peak Park/Professional Association (3 positions) 
  • Skills Based  (2 position) 
  • Park/ City Agency (1 position)

WUP Category Descriptions:

  1. Young leader: The Young Leader Chair, will work closely with the Chair and Deputy Chair and the CEO. They will be a World Urban Parks Board member and a member of the World Urban Parks Executive Committee. 

  2. Businesses / Philanthropic Organizations: Businesses and philanthropic organizations considered by the board to be engaged in commercial activities related to urban parks/city open space planning, management, and services, or that demonstrate a commitment to environmental, community or related outcomes. 

  3. Universities / Research Institutes: Only organizations considered by the board to be significantly engaged in research related to urban parks and city open space and related outcomes are eligible to apply to become a full member

  4. National Peak Park / Professional Associations: Only organizations considered by the board to represent urban park organizations and/or professionals engaged in some aspect of urban park planning and management. 

  5. Individuals (Skills – based): Those people considered by the board to have a relevant interest in urban park, and city open space planning, management and related services are eligible to apply to become a full member. 

  6. Park / City Agencies: Only organizations considered by the Board to have management and/or planning responsibilities for urban parks or city open spaces.

Steps to Apply for Nominations

  1. Review Category Descriptions: Carefully read through the descriptions of each vacancy to determine the best fit for you.

  2. Complete the Nomination Form: Download the Nomination Form and fill it out with the required information.

  3. Submit Your Nomination: Click the submission button at the end of this blog to send in your completed nomination form.

Nominees can download the Nomination Form and submit it by July 22nd, 2024. Questions can be submitted to