World Urban Parks Europe Congress 2022 – Greater Greener Cities

GaLaBau Trade Fair – Nuremberg

Trade Fair (14th – 17th September) Europe Congress (15th – 16th September)

The World Urban Parks Europe Congress 2022, organized in association with the GaLaBau Trade Fair and supported by GALK e.V. and Hortis, France will take place in Nuremberg, Germany this September. 

  • GaLaBau is the leading international Trade Fair for urban open and green spaces involving more than 1,400 companies in the industry.
  • World Urban Parks (WUP) is the international representative body for the urban parks, open space and recreation sector.
  • Plante & Cité is the French national centre for research and experiments in the area of green spaces and urban landscaping.
  • GALK e.V. the ‘Deutsche Gartenamtsleiterkonferenz’ is an amalgamation of municipal green space administrations, which supports the German Association of Cities (DST) in its tasks via the Urban Green Commission.

This year’s Congress Theme is Greater Greener Cities, with sub-themes including:

  • Green Blue Infrastructure – Policies & Planning
  • Urban Green Design Practices
  • Nature Based Solutions for a Climate Resilient Urban Future
  • Citizen Participation in Urban Greening
  • Post Covid Approach to Urban Green Space

The event will focus on Green Actions in cities and we have an exciting line-up of high-profile international speakers to present on these topics including:


Dr Michael Fraas, Deputy Mayor of Nuremberg.
Dr Fraas has responsibility for Economic Affairs and Science. 

Dr Nathalie Röbbel, World Health Organisation 
Nathalie is the Coordinator for Air Pollution and Urban Health at the WHO. Prior to this she was a technical officer in the Department of Public Health, Environmental, and Social Determinants of Health at WHO in Geneva leading the department’s work on housing and health.    

Jayne Miller, Chair World Urban Parks
Jayne is committed to advancing equitable access to urban parks and green spaces, especially in underserved and emerging parts of the world. Under Jayne’s leadership, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) have been recognized nationally for their work on social equity.

Henrik Bos, President of the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA). 
Henrik is a professional landscaper and business owner, and is also a member of the boards of the Finnish Landscaping Association, the Finnish Association of Infrastructure Construction and the board of Nordic landscaping

Gilles Namur, Deputy Mayor Grenoble City, European Green Capital 2022.
Gilles has responsibility for public spaces, mobility, nature in the city, biodiversity and freshness and has been involved in the defence and protection of biodiversity in the urban areas of his city. He was elected in June 2020 in municipal elections on a humanist, ecological and citizen list.   

Maxime Guerin, Plante & Cité France
Maxime is a Research Officer involved with Integrated Biological Protection and Management of Spontaneous Flora. Over the last 15 years, consideration to stop pesticide use in public space has spread among French cities. Pioneers faced many challenges to make this idea a reality.  

Diana Culescu, Secretary General IFLA Europe
Diana is the President of the Romanian National Association AsoP. Diana is active in IFLA EUROPE issues since 2008 through Romanian Landscape Architects Association – AsoP. She is President of AsoP and Liaison Officer of IFLA Europe for the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) and European Green Cities initiative.

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