World Urban Parks Awards 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Urban Park Management

For the past eight years, World Urban Parks (WUP) has been a driving force behind acknowledging and honoring remarkable contributions made by individuals and organizations in the realm of urban parks, open spaces, and recreation. The objective is clear: to internationally recognize those who significantly enhance urban liveability and sustainability while advancing the parks, open space, and recreation industry through their dedication and initiatives.

Let’s delve into the exceptional individuals and organizations that were awarded this year, setting the bar higher for excellence in park management and development:

Distinguished Individual Award: Kevin Halpenny from Ireland

Kevin Halpenny stands as a beacon in advocating Community Engagement, utilizing it as a tool to garner support and consensus for initiatives related to physical planning. His work is centered around promoting urban biodiversity and advocating the use of Ecosystem Services and Nature-Based Solutions to tackle the challenges posed by rapid urbanization.

Young Leaders Award: Hannah Chapman-Carr from New Zealand

In an impressive 6.5 years, Hannah Chapman-Carr has made significant strides in the parks, open space, and recreation sectors. Her achievements span scholarships, conference presentations, industry awards, publications, professional accreditations, and impactful leadership in urban sustainability projects. Hannah is a true trailblazer in her field.

Emerging Cities Leader Award: Mayu Ferrufino from El Salvador

Mayu Ferrufino’s passionate commitment to promoting urban parks highlights her belief in their potential to transform cities and communities. As the Executive Director for Cuscatlán Park Foundation, she champions collaborative public space management to ensure equal access, security, and sustainability in San Salvador’s 17 acres of green urban space.

Legacy Award: Auckland Council, New Zealand

The prestigious Legacy Award is presented to the Auckland Council for their impactful contributions in shaping and managing parks, setting a benchmark for park management excellence.

World Urban Parks Board Chairs Special Recognition Award: Albert Park managed by Parks Victoria

This award serves as a tribute to a remarkable park and park agency whose tireless efforts in sustainability, community engagement, and the creation of a vibrant urban space have set a global example. Albert Park, managed by Parks Victoria, reflects the values that World Urban Parks upholds, emphasizing the pivotal role of urban parks in fostering resilient, inclusive, and thriving cities.

As the curtains fall on the World Urban Parks Awards 2023, we extend an invitation to join our global network. Together, let’s continue shaping the future of urban spaces and cultivating thriving communities. Join us in making a difference and be a part of our mission.

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Let’s create a world of vibrant and sustainable urban environments.

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