Large Parks in Large Cities

Richard Murray has been an environmental activist since the 1960s. He is President of the Swedish Ekoparken Association (Forbundet for Ekoparken) and is the Co-chair of Large Urban Parks Committee of the World Urban Parks Association. He has a PhD in political economy from the University of Stockholm.

For the introduction of his book “Why cities need large parks makes us understand the large parks and green infrastructure presented here illustrate the diverse uses and many benefits of large urban parks across 30 major cities.

At a time when we are seriously reconsidering how we live in cities and our urban quality of life, while also grappling with serious challenges of climate change, the authors of this book detail the much-needed evidence, pathways, and vision for a future of more liveable, resilient cities where large urban parks are at the core.

This book will help park managers, NGOs, landscape architects, and city planners to develop the green city of the future. The topics included are visions of Urban Green, quality of life, ecosystem services, social cohesion, city meets nature, heritage and identity, design, among others related to the importance of parks.

People who recommend the book found it to be impressive and unique, stating that this book should be the reference for long parks. They also mention that it is inspiring to take care of green areas and contains detailed evidence for the future of cities with parks.