Where to next? Season 1 recap with Vitoria Martin

Where to next? Season 1 recap with Vitoria Martin

¡We are wrapping season 1! This week, we are joined by Vitoria Martin, Global Secretariat Coordinator of World Urban Parks and Producer of Podparks, to discuss everything we loved about the first season of Podparks


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Vitoria and Alice start off by reflecting on the very first episode of Podparks: A park through the ages. As Vitoria suggests, the history of parks has been a battle between inclusion and inclusion, and although some common themes have been present from the start, many of what we know and appreciate from parks today have come about because of decades of hard work from parks around the world.

The hosts identify four recurring themes in the season; equity, and the importance of ensure everyone has access to parks in order to enjoy their many benefits; the different roles parks play throughout people’s life stages, interacting in a crucial way from pregnancy, childhood all the way unto late adulthood; data and information in the world of parks, and how it has come to shape park knowledge and is being used to promote equitable investments; and the evolution of parks in the near future, whether they are wilder, more climate-ready, or become the basic elements of society. 

Before the episode wraps up, we get a chance to hear a small compilation of some of this season’s guests answering what they think is the main benefit of parks. Whether it be the social opportunities they provide, the health benefits they bring about, their contact with nature or simply the “a-ha moments”, parks have a deep connection to people from around the world.

Podparks will take a well-deserved break to plan a new and improved season 2. In the meantime, tune in to the episodes you missed, and help us improve the podcast by filling out this quick survey

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