Webinar: Green assets & parks: an international comparison

Date and Time: Tuesday November 28, 2023 from 10:00 to 11:00 (GMT+ 1)
Webinar: Green assets & parks: an international comparison
Speakers: Age Niels Holstein, City of Amsterdam and David Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer at IPWEA Australasia
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Stadswerk invites you to the webinar ‘Green assets & parks: an international comparison’ on the 28th of November 10:00 – 11:00 (GMT+ 1). The language of communication is English. 

There is growing support and demand for knowledge regarding greening cities and the importance of parks, all around the world. The association Stadswerk is looking forward to the Future Green City world congress in 2024 in the City of Utrecht, together with international organizations World Urban Parks and IFME (International Federation of Municipal Engineering) and of course organizing partner Royal VHG. 

Webinar Subject:

The subject of this webinar is green assets & innovation in parks compared internationally. Therefore we invited two guest speakers: out of the Netherlands and out of Australia, to tell us more about the Brasapark, the City of Adelaide and more. 

The City of Amsterdam has developed a new innovative park on top of the tunnel of the A9 motorway. The objective is to improve connections and accessibility along the crucial axis between Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, and the new town of Almere in the province of Flevoland. The Brasapark is over three kilometers long and 65 meters wide, a green oasis where only bikes and pedestrians are allowed.

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About the Speakers:

Age Niels Holstein, senior project manager at the City of Amsterdam, will explain which engineering, design and horticultural challenges had to be faced to develop a vital and sustainable new city park on only 1 meter of soil on top of concrete matter. Such an operation also entails a transformation and regeneration of a larger surrounding urban area. Community engagement and involvement proved to be crucial for ‘park making’ activities as well as park management. 

Our second speaker is David Jenkins, currently the CEO of IPWEA (the Institute of Public Works Engineering) Australasia, a role he has held for over three years. He has led a new strategy focused on education creating an internationally recognized pathway for those working in public works and asset management. IPWEA is the peak association for professionals who deliver public works and engineering services to communities. Currently David is also on the Board of IFME. David will talk broadly about the use of natural or green assets in Australia and he will highlight a number of projects. Amongst those will be the Hondsbossche Dunes in the Netherlands, the East Kolkata Wetland Complex Project in India and the City of Adelaide streetscape of vegetated rain gardens within road reserves to capture and filter pollutants and sediments from stormwater runoff.

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