Walk’n’Roll Cities Guidebook

URBACT Thematic Programme Expert Iván Tosics and URBACT Lead Experts Roland Krebs, Claus Köllinger, and Béla Kéz are the authors of this guidebook. Which brings together good practices from across the EU with the latest urban trends, to fill the gaps and ensure that the learning is within everyone’s reach. 

Despite their size and number of inhabitants, cities have often been designed to make room for cars. Three URBACT Networks have reflected on how we can shift the mobility paradigm in Europe to create more inclusive spaces. Under the Walk’n’Roll initiative, 28 cities- from towns to metropolises from 16 different countries- have explored common visions and practical interventions through various workshops, events, and a series of guidance to face today’s mobility changes. 

Their work focused on how public space can improve urban sustainability and livability on different spatial scales, from metropolitan areas down to neighborhood and street levels. 

The Guidebook is separated into three booklets: 

  1. “Intro and challenges” questions the Why? 
  2. “The visions and interventions” explains the What? 
  3. “Implementation issues,” tells the How? 

Take a ride with us and discover why streets belong to people! 

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