“Taking your Professional Career to the Next Level”, by Maarten Loeffen

Listen to a segment of “Taking your Professional Career to the Next Level”, a panel discussion delivered by Marteen Loeffen at last year’s World Urban Parks Congress. 

Maarten is the CEO of Royal Association Stadswerk the Netherlands, an association for municipalities, companies and other park professionals in the Netherlands who are working together to create sustainable solutions in the physical environment. 


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During the panel, Maarten discusses the history and evolution of Stadswerk, from its birth as a platform to exchange information between municipal officers, to a national association that has policy influence in the spheres of public urban spaces across The Netherlands.

Maarten recognizes that greening the city while adapting to climate change and creating circular solutions to waste are a top priority in The Netherlands and across the world, and Stadwerk is working collaboratively with its members to create lasting change at the local and regional level. 

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