Study proves positive impact of placemaking interventions

This blog from the Canadian architect is A study conducted by Toronto Metropolitan University in collaboration with The Daniels Corporation, Entro, LeMay, and MASSIVart which found an increase in placemaking interventions in public and private spaces produces positive impacts. 

According to the study, when placemaking interventions are introduced, increased time spent can result in more sales or productive use of a site; increased self-congruity strengthens brand awareness and attachment; increasing the shareability of the placemaking experience can result in higher traffic to your destination.

The study measured responses from 586 respondents after they were presented with one version of a site. The sites included the following: 

  • Office spaces 
  • Public plazas
  • Retail stores 
  • Transit stations and 
  • Condo buildings

The results are compelling, as you would not imagine placemaking interventions’ positive impact on the general audience.

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