Public spaces for everyone with Martin Andrade

How can public and private actors work together to create more equitable parks and green spaces?

This week on podparks, we are discussing collaborations and equitable park building with Martin Andrade, Executive Director of Corporación Ciudades, a Chilean organization working hand in hand with key actors to create territorial wellbeing.


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Martin co-founded Mi Parque, an organization that seeks to create and improve parks and green spaces in marginalized communities around Chile through collaboration and participatory park design.

He explains the importance of placing people at the center of the community engagement process, allowing imagination and desire to lead the co-creation stages and creating a space for the community to continue in the monitoring and maintaining of these spaces.

The organization has worked to create methodologies for successful participation that empowers communities not only to engage in the park creation process, but to become stewards of their public spaces. 

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Through his work at Corporación Ciudades, Martin is also helping the park world gravitate towards sustainable urban development practices. Consensus building and reaching agreements with different key actors are key elements needed to create successful parks that are resilient and responsive to the needs of climate action around them.

But as Martin explains, this work must happen both at a global level and a local scale that considers the nuances and specific situations of different communities around the world.

Martin reiterates the need to create equitable spaces that center community participation and community involvement in every step of the way, and he shares how he has attempted to translate the local work done through fundación MiParque to broader scales.

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