Professor Chris Daniels Live at Joint International Congress 2023

This week on Podparks, we are recording live from Adelaide Australia

Where we’re currently holding our Global Parks Congress in collaboration with Parks and Leisure Australia and Green Adelaide.

To commemorate our global congress and celebrate our last episode of the season, we are sharing the keynote speech delivered by Professor Chris Daniels, Chair of Green Adelaide and Professor of Biology at University of South Australia, professor of Zoology at Adelaide University. Chris has been an important researcher and science communicator in the Australian conservation community, and he’s instrumental in Adelaide’s quest as a National Park City.


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Chris shares his concerns about the current state of the world: we’re engulfed in climate change and a biodiversity crisis that is affecting keystone species and ecosystems across the globe, and with the rise of cities, these problems are exacerbated in both its causes and consequences. Australia and Adelaide have been key biodiversity hotspots, and their rich natural and social history have both provided them with unimaginable landscapes but also enormous problems.

As people become more detached from nature, their stewardship and care can turn into indifference or even fear. Chris believes creating biodiverse, park cities can be the solution to many of these problems, and is working alongside community partners through Green Adelaide to make this a reality. Nature provides not only planetary, physical and mental health benefits, but also a sense of place, which is so rooted in communities’ existence. 

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