Power Parks vs The Climate Crisis

Climate Change and Resilience committee

This week, World Parks Week, is the perfect time to reflect on the power parks must combat one of the world’s greatest threats: the climate crisis. Parks, rural and urban, play a leading role in addressing the challenge ahead of all of us through education, mitigation, and adaptation. 

Education – demonstrating the value of nature and a healthy ecosystem, the effects of climate change, and the practical things people can do to address these effects.

Mitigation – through impacts such as carbon sequestration, alternative energy, carbon-free mobility, and biodiversity reserves.

Adaptation – by improving resilience to extreme weather events through impacts such as water attenuation, and increasing social resilience with accessible, inclusive public amenities.

World Urban Parks and our Climate Change and Resilience committee members are committed to the belief that parks can play a leading role in addressing climate change and building resilience in an ever-urbanizing world. We know that you and your organization are pursuing this vision in your own work. As such, we’re asking that you join us in a commitment to this cause and share climate resilient park projects for us to promote. 

Please share a Case Study (or several!) – the form is simple and should only take a couple of minutes. Projects can contribute to climate resilience through education, adaptation, and mitigation. Add your project to a global database of Climate Resilient Urban Park projects and allow us to share it with a worldwide audience of park professionals. 

For more information about the committee and World Urban Parks, please reach out to our Executive Officer, Gavin White, at ccrc@worldurbanparks.org.

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