Playful cities with Leticia Lozano

Playful cities with Leticia Lozano

In this week’s episode of PodParks, Alice is joined by Leticia Lozano, play specialist and co-founder/director of MACIA studio.


Leticia is a trained architect who has worked on a variety of multidisciplinary projects focused on urban design and public space creation. Her interest in cities for play began during her work with the European Art Led Regeneration Project, where she led play-centered city transformations across various European cities.

Following this, she headed the Playful City Area for Mexico City’s Lab for the City, where she positioned childhood and play at the center stage of public policy, design and decision-making.

Leticia explains that play is crucial in the early development of children since different experiences influence their growth. Play helps children develop their personalities, understand their place in their environment, and develop skills that they will use throughout their lives. But designing cities for children has even more benefits for the wider community.

When design places children’s experiences and safety at the forefront, it creates more accessible public spaces that address intersectional perspectives, leading to a safer and more inclusive society. 

Playgrounds, sidewalks and other spaces for children have the potential to drive change  towards more equitable societies. Leticia delves into the complexities of creating community-led projects with a gender perspective and discusses how to create projects that prioritize people.

Throughout the podcast, Leticia encourages city planners and all adults to lose their inhibitions and play around the city. We can learn a lot from children in how they interact with the space and with others, and allowing ourselves to be silly and goofy can help us create a better city experience and heal our inner child. 

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