Park People Conference 2022

Park People Conference 2022

Build an abundant future for city parks

This year, the Park People Conference will bring together park professionals, community park group leaders, non-profit organizations, municipal staff, and urban enthusiasts to create an abundant future for city parks.

In September 21 to 23, you will have virtual access to more than 25 sessions, with 90 speakers from around the world. With one main topic per day, you will be able to meet cross-sector collaborations that create whole new possibilities for city parks, how to foster deep and lasting connections between people and city parks and learn to embrace parks as rich landscapes for conservation and climate resilience. All this knowledge is necessary to understand and connect with our environment to create sustainable and innovative projects.

This is what you will find in the Park People Conference:

  • 90 Speakers
  • 30 Dynamic Sessions
  • 6 Powerful Workshops
  • 3 Networking Events

Buy your tickets here , don’t miss this conference and access three days of awesome virtual programming.

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