New and improved logo and branding!

New and improved logo and branding!

For months we have been working on a new image

That reflects all the leadership, changes and great things that are coming for World Urban Parks.

It is difficult to be able to represent in the logo, colors and images the great and extensive work that the organization and all its collaborators do every day around the world, however, we have achieved it and, in this blog, we want to show you and explain the new elements of this big change.

Old logo and Brand

What characteristics
should a logo have?

1- Simplicity
2- Different
3- Representativeness
4- Scalable
5- Playable
6- Adaptable
7- Memorable
8- Durable over time
9- Relevance to your audience

within the logo

  • Water
  • Green Spaces
  • World
  • Places and connection

New Logo

Corporate colors

Reductions from 5 to 2 colors.



We are excited about this great change that gives a new freshness to the organization.

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