How cell phones can help us make the most of urban green space

A study realized by a team at the Barcelona Institute for global health (ISGlobal) suggests that Planting more trees could mean fewer people die from increasingly high summer temperatures in cities.

They state that increasing tree cover levels from the European average of 14.9% to 30% can lower the temperature in cities by 0.4C, reducing heat-related deaths by 39.5%.

The lead author, Tamara Iungman, from ISGLobal, said: “This is becoming increasingly urgent as Europe experiences more extreme temperature fluctuations caused by climate change.”

She added that her team wants to influence policymakers to make cities greener, “more sustainable, resilient and healthy” and mitigate climate breakdown since heat-related illness and death are expected to present an even more significant burden to health services over the next decade than cold temperatures.

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