Healthy Parks: Principles in practice from design to end use – case studies from around the world

November Webinar

Date: November 28, 2023

14:00 P.M Mexico City
07:00 A.M Melbourne

Kristen Jackson

In 2021, the World Urban Parks Healthy Parks Healthy Cites Committee developed a set of principles for ensuring Healthy Parks.  But how are these being implemented in practice? The aim of this session is to present examples from around the world where the Principles are put into practice to achieve healthy parks from design to end use.  Information shared will include discussion of issues, challenges encountered and successes.  Proposed case studies for the presentation include: Girls Play in Los Angeles, work of Greater London Authority and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Gender Inclusive Design case studies and low carbon and sustainable park design studies in New Zealand.  The panel of presenters will comprise members of the World Urban Parks Healthy Parks Healthy Cities Committee. At the conclusion of the presentations there will be time for discussion of the case studies and questions from session attendees.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Recap of the Healthy Parks Principles.
  • Practical case studies from around the world to show the application of healthy park principles in the design, development and operation of parks.
  • Session attendees will be able to take away valuable learnings from practical case studies form around the world
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Kristen Jackson (session chair) Manager Active and Connected Communities Cardinia Shire Council

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