Board Vacancies & Nominations

The World Urban Parks Annual General Meeting will be taking place this coming August 2023. A number of open positions are available to the Board of Directors for a term.

The Board of Directors is seeking nominations for four vacant positions. All nominations must be submitted by June 25th, 2023.

Currently, World Urban Parks Board of Directors is seeking nominations for four open positions, which include:

  • University/Research Institutes – (1 position)
  • Skills-based – (1 position)
  • Regional Committee Chair Asia-Pacific (1 Position)
  • Regional Committee Co- Chair North America (1 Position)

WUP Category Descriptions:

  1. Universities/ Research Institutes: Only organizations considered by the board to be significantly engaged in research related to urban parks and city open space and related outcomes are eligible to apply to become a full member.

  2.  Individuals (Skills Based): Those people considered by the board to have a relevant interest in urban park, and city open space planning, management and related services are eligible to apply to become a full member.

  3. World Urban Parks has five advocacy committees that work on diverse initiatives all working towards creating greener and more livable communities. These committees are a great way to connect with international colleagues and work together towards our common goals. The regional Committee Chair and Co-Chairs support these committees through work that aligns their vision and mission for WUP.

Nominees can download the nomination form and submit it by June 25th, 2023.  Questions can be submitted to  

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