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Previous editions of World Park News and the former Ifpra e-News (pre October 2014) are available below.


Ifpra World Magazine

Ifpra World was Ifpra's flagship quarterly magazine from 1987 to 2013.

The magazine was printed and from June 2012, available as an e-book. The final issue of Ifpra World was the June 2014 Special Issue, a retrospective featuring selected past articles, as both a comment on the evolution of Ifpra and the parks and recreation industry, and as a celebration of the contribution of Ifpra World to the industry. The Special Issue is available, in electronic format only, at the following link: Ifpra World Special Retrospective Issue June 2014

Ifpra World Special Issue June 2014

The electronic issues of Ifpra World are available as a resource at the following links:

Ifpra World September 2013


Ifpra World June 2013

Ifpra World March 2013

Ifpra World December 2012

Ifpra World September 2012

Ifpra World June 2012

Previous issues were only available as a printed magazine.


Annual Reports

WUP Annual Report 31 March 2017

    Appendix 1 Statements of Service Performance 31 March 2017

    Appendix 2 Audited Financial Performance 31 March 2017


WUP Annual Report 31 March 2016.pdf 

    Appendix 1 Statements of Service Performance 31 March 2016

    Appendix 2. Audited Financial Performance 31 March 2016


General Publications

Ifpra Annual Report 31 March 2014 Appendix 1 Business Plan and Report, and Appendix 2 Financial Statements, are in the Members Login Area

Benefits Of Urban Parks - A Systematic Review 2013