Developed countries with reduced budgets, developing countries with high population

growth - all need information, best practice, and benchmarking to resolve these common

concerns and challenges. We want to push forward with the good parks development

learned from a variety of efforts from around the world.


 - Kenzo Oguchi, Executive Director, Park and Recreation Foundation, Tokyo, Japan





As the peak professional association for Parks and Leisure Professionals

in Australia, representation on the global stage is crucial. The new World Urban

Parks body strengthens our relationships with international agencies, ensures we

remain involved with global issues and trends, and provides a stronger, united voice

for the benefits of parks and leisure to all levels of government across the globe.

- Mark Band, Chief Executive Officer, Parks and Leisure Australia



     We are a long way from most folks and culling the best ideas from around the world

           is a great way to not waste money reinventing the proverbial wheel and that’s the

           best political sell of all!

                 - Anne Charlton, Director Parks, City of Calgary, Canada


The membership and network of World Urban Parks gives my staff and myself

valuable and cost effective opportunities to learn and get adaptable ideas from

all over the world - to enhance the services of our department.

   - Torgeir Esig Soerensen, Head of Parks and Streets Department, City of Stavanger, Norway



Forming and maintaining mutually beneficial relations, and interacting internationally

is of paramount importance in thehorticultural fraternity. Interacting succours members by

sharing experiences, knowledge, relevant information and contacts with other networking

members by establishing sustained partnerships. World Urban Parks is consequently an

imperative role-player, especially in the African Continent!

  - Emmanuel Maphorogo, Parks Manager, Johannesburg City Parks, South Africa



Obtaining the World Parks Academys Certified Parks Professional

credential has strengthened my credibility as a leading professional in the wide-ranging field of parks and

recreation as well as had a positive effect on my perceived integrity as a government employee from the public.

            - Adam Esch, Recreation Coordinator, Community Services, Municipal District of Greenview, Alberta, Canada