A healthy city sustains healthy people. For the first time in history, more of the planets’ population now live in urban areas. So the need to ensure that cities are vibrant, sustainable, accessible, well-planned and designed, building engaged communities and attract residents and visitors is more important than ever. Professional and passionate experts and practitioner are coming together to share knowledge information and ideas to ensure this important issue is being advanced.  




The objectives of the Healthy Parks Healthy Cities Committee are:


1.    To represent the role of parks in contributing to healthy cities.


2.    To foster and engage an international network related to Healthy Parks and Healthy Cities and to exchange knowledge and experience within that network


3.    To accumulate, develop and spread knowledge relating to the contribution healthy parks makes to healthy cities through conferences, seminars, research, peer reviews, technical visits, working parties, staff exchange etc.


4.    To advocate, expand cross-sector engagement, improve equity of access, and effect change at international, regional and local levels the significant social, economic and environmental contribution that parks make to cities´ livability and healthiness, climate change mitigation and sustainability and international renown; and the need to plan for and invest in them.


Healthy Parks Healthy Cities Standing Committee








Chair   Kristen Jackson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manager Active Communities, Cardinia Shire Council

Australia Asia-Pacific



Committee Minutes: